NGC 7317 (Stephan's Quintet in Pegasus)

Date: August, 2008
Location: Elizabeth, CO. Mag 5.5 skies, alt ~6500 ft
Telescope: 16" f/4.9, f/9.8 Newtonian, Pegasus Optics primary
Mount: MI-500 w/ Astrophysics AP1200 GTO computer control
Exposure Duration: 

Luminance = total ~360 mins (6 hrs) = 30 x 8 min subexposures at f/4.9, 30 x 8 min supexposures at f/9.8, -15 deg C

Color = total 90 mins = 9 x 10 min subexposures, -15 deg C

Imager: SBIG ST-10XME for luminance, ST-2000XCM for color
Filtration: Custom Scientific luminance filter mounted after 3" Keller/Wynne coma corrector
Guiding: Normal self-guiding
Seeing: ~1.5" - 2"
Comments: Luminances collected in Maxim. Subs median combined in sets of three, medians then summed. f/9.8 sum 2 x 2 binned, registered and added to f/4.9 sum in Maxim, to give approximate 6 hr luminance. Deconvolution/DDP/sharpening in CCDStack. Color images collected in Maxim, calibrated in CCDOps. Color conversion in Maxim, color subs median combined in two sets of three, medians then summed, colorizing image created in Maxim. Color and luminance data registered in Registar and final LRGB assembly in Corel's PhotoPaint 12 using LAB

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