Skull Nebula (Part of the Pelican Nebula (IC 5070) in Cygnus)

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Date: July, 2008
Location: Elizabeth, CO. Mag 5 skies, elevation ~6500 ft
Telescope: 16" f/4.9 Newtonian, Pegasus Optics primary mirror
Mount: Mathis Instruments MI-500 w/ AP1200 computer control
Exposure Duration: 

Luminance = Total 144 mins, 18x8 min sub-exposures

Color = Total 60 mins, 6x10 min sub-exposures


Luminance = SBIG ST10XME

Color = SBIG 2000XCM


Luminance = "Wide band" Ha filter made by putting a Lumicon Ha filter in front of Custom Scientific luminance filter

Color = Custom Scientific luminance filter

Guiding: Normal self-guiding
Seeing: ~2"

Luminance = Calibrated using dark and flat frames, median combined in sets of three, medians summed using Maxim. Deconvolution/DDP/sharpening in CCDStack on sum

Color = Sub-exposures calibrated using dark and flat frames in CCDOps. Subs color converted in Maxim. Median combined in sets of three, medians summed in Maxim. DDP on sum, result save for colorizing image. Final HaRGB created in Corel's PhotoPaint 12 using LAB

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