NGC 2392 (Eskimo Nebula in Gemini)

Date: December, 2003
Location: Elizabeth, CO. ~6500 ft., Mag 5.5 skies
Telescope: 16.25" f/4.7, working at f/11.5
Exposure Duration:  Luminance = 60 min = sum of fifteen 4 min exposures, RGB = 20:20:20 min, binned 1x1, imaged at f/7.2, -15 deg C
Imager: ST-8E, AO-7 guided
Filtration: None for luminance. SBIG research grade RGB,  2" TeleVue Barlow placed before AO-7 unit
Guiding: AO-7, at ~ 7.5Hz
Seeing: ~1.5" - 2"
Comments: Luminance = dark and flat frame calibration and combining in Maxim, 20% DDP in Maxim, 4 iterate LR deconvolution in CCDSharp, Color = RGB combine in Maxim, LRGB and histogram adjustment and mild sharpening in Corel's Photo-Paint 10. Star background processed separately, image processed separately, layered into star background.

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