NGC 1501 (Planetary Nebula in Camelopardalis)

Date: November (ST-10), December (XCM) 2007
Location: Elizabeth, CO. ~6500 ft., Mag 5.5 skies
Telescope: 16" f/4.9 Newtonian, Pegasus Optics primary, f/9.8 for luminance, f/4.9 for color. Above image scale at f/9.8
Mount: Mathis Instruments MI-500
Exposure: 144 mins Ha luminance ST-10XME, 60 mins RGB ST-2000XCM. Ha luminance taken during full moon
Correctors, filters, etc.: TV 2" 2x PowerMate on ST-10 giving f/9.8. 3" Keller/Wynne coma corrector on XCM, f/4.9. Custom Scientific luminance filter in front of Lumicon Ha filter used on each ST-10 sub. Custom Scientific luminance filter in front of XCM. ST-10 AO-L guided, XCM normal guiding
Seeing: ~2.5"

Eighteen ST-10 subs, each 8 mins long, median combined in sets of three. Medians summed, save as 32 bit. CCDStack used for DDP and for 50 iterate PC deconvolution

Six XCM subs, each 10 mins long, calibrated in CCDOps, color converted in Maxim and mdeian combined in two sets of three. Medians summed. 50% DDP applied in Maxim. Luminance and colorizing image registered in Registar, final HaRGB image assembled in CCDStack

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