M57 (Ring Nebula in Lyra)

Date: May, July, 2007
Location: Elizabeth, CO. Mag 5.0 skies, elevation ~ 6500 ft
Telescope: 16" f/4.9 Newtonian, Pegasus Optics primary, luminance at f/9.8 using a 2" Lumicon barlow for 48 mins, 2x TeleVue PowerMate for 48 mins, color at prime focus
Mount: Mathis Instruments MI-500 w/ AP1200 computer control
Exposure Duration: 

Luminance = Total 96 mins, -15 deg C

Color = Total 60 mins, -15 deg C

Imager: Luminance = ST-10XME, color = ST2000XCM
Filtration, etc: For luminance, a 50 nm wide Ha filter used by stacking an SBIG research grade luminance filter in front of a Lumicon Ha #29 dark red glass filter. Lumicon barlow and 2x PowerMate used before ST-10, XCM shot at f/4.9
Guiding: AO-L guided
Seeing: ~2"
Comments: Luminance = Collected in Maxim, calibrated and median combined in sets of three. Each median deconvolved in CCDStack, 50 iterate PC. Deconvolved medians averaged in Maxim. Average DDP/sharped in CCDStack. Final HaRGB assembled in Corel's PhotoPaint 12 using LAB

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