Trio of Galaxies in Leo (M65, M66 and NGC 3628)

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Date: January, 2011
Location: Elizabeth, CO. ~6500 ft., Mag 5.5 skies

16" f/4.9 Newtonian, Pegasus Optics primary

6" f/4.4 Newtonian, Parks optics

Mount: Mathis Intsruments MI-500

Luminance: 240 mins on 16" using STL-11000M

Color: 195 mins on 6" using ST-4000XCM, concurrently collected during luminance collection


16": 3" ASA Keller/Wynne coma corrector

6": 0.73x ASA reducer

Seeing: ~2.5"
Comments: Processed using Maxim, Registar, CCDStack, PhotoPaint X4. M66 is at upper left, M65 at lower left and NGC 3628 at upper right

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